As many of you know, I write both fiction and non-fiction.  Here are my books that are currently available. 

Is Your House Haunted?
2nd Edition

​Lights turn on and off by themselves. The aroma of cigarette smoke wafts through an empty room. You hear someone call your name, but there’s no one home. You begin to think your home may be haunted, and you’re scared. Could there be a reasonable explanation for your experiences, or is it a ghost?There’s no reason to be terrified in your own home. This handy guide gives you practical advice on how to determine if you’ve got a ghost and stopping the apparent paranormal activity. If you do have a ghost, what kind of spirit is it? This book will help you identify the type of ghost or spirit you have and help you determine if the activity is paranormal or if there’s a logical explanation for the activity. There’s also a section of FAQ’s and how to talk to your children about ghosts, as well as helping you determine if you’re raising a psychic child.

Haunted Anchor Bay Michigan
Anchor Bay is a haven for ghosts. The small towns that dot the shores of Lake St. Clair, the three Native American reservations and the remnants of several British and French military encampments in the area all lay claim to supernatural occurrences. The spirit of a state senator's son haunted his magnificent mansion just outside New Baltimore before the home was demolished. Mabel Hathaway's mysterious death remained unsolved for 140 years, and her ghost continues to stalk Oakwood Cemetery. A deceased sea captain seemingly moves his hidden treasure from beyond the grave when someone gets close to finding it. Local paranormal expert Debi Chestnut delights and frightens with these and other tales of Anchor Bay's historic haunts.


How to Clear Your Home of 
Ghosts and Spirits


When it comes to spirits and specters, knowledge is power and fear is the enemy

How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts & Spirits is a guide to everything you need to know to get rid of ghosts. Providing a brief history of haunts and delving into her own personal experiences, paranormal researcher Debi Chestnut sheds light on the different types of ghosts―from harmless spirits to destructive entities―and gives tips and techniques for clearing them.

Join Debi as she explores how ghosts and spirits can be accidentally invited into the home and shows how to choose a paranormal team for extreme cases. Written in a no-nonsense style by an author with years of experience, this guide is a must-have for those who prefer to live with the facts instead of living in fear.