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The first thing people notice about Zoey Callaway, the heroine in my upcoming book Bad Karma is her eyes. Right up front it lets you know that Zoey is different, unique, and never to be underestimated.

Zoey is a freelance Information Professional. An information professional, she collects, organizes, retrieves and disseminates digital and/or printed information. She is an expert researcher, and uses her intelligence to help not only her clients, but to solve mysteries.

In Bad Karma, Zoey works for many clients, but her favorite client is Agent Phillips from the FBI. The FBI hires Zoey to gather information on "persons of interest" when they feel the need to circumvent the law. Plus, as Zoey says, they pay extremely well.

Zoey's father died when she was seven. The police ruled it an accidental shooting, as he was cleaning his rifle, but deep inside Zoey thinks he may have committed suicide, even though she wont' even admit it to herself.

Zoey's mother is an alcoholic, and rather flighty. Her mother is the type of person who can start an argument in an empty room - Zoey knows- she's seen her do it.

Besides her job, Zoey is passionate about genealogy and the paranormal. Her genealogy skills really come into play in the second Zoey Callaway mystery so stay tuned!

Zoey is somewhat of an introvert, and rather nosy. She wants to know everything about everybody which, as she explains, could be why she doesn't have any close friends. She's also deathly afraid of guns, but is working hard to conquer her fear.

In Bad Karma, Zoey's Uncle Felix is found dead in his bathtub. She doesn't believe it was accidental - she thinks he was murdered and sets out to prove it. That's when things really get interesting.

On a personal note, Zoey is one of my favorite characters to write. She always surprises me and is never boring. I'm so honored to be able to share Zoey with all of you thanks to Cayelle Publishing who will be publishing the book.

Until next time - write on my friends.

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